Treatment For Ovarian Cyst: The Most Effective Options

Ovarian cysts are known for being one of the main causes of ovarian cancer and while most are harmless, some can cause pain or even cancer. As one of the leading causes of death among women of all ages, this is a subject that should not be taken lightly. There are different types of ovarian cysts, and depending on the type and size of cyst certain treatment must be used. Any woman who learns they have a dangerous ovarian cyst must get to work with their doctor and find a treatment right away.

The birth control pill is in fact often prescribed to women with ovarian cysts, although it usually only works on smaller cysts. The progesterone found in the birth control pill basically tricks the body into thinking it’s pregnant. It works by tricking the body into believing it’s pregnant. In turn this causes a stimulation of the ovaries and as a result can shrink and eliminate cysts.

For larger cysts that are noncancerous, a cystectomy is often required. This is a surgical procedure that removes cysts from an ovary without causing it damage. This is beneficial because it means the woman will be able to bear children after the procedure. Of course as with any procedure there are possible risks and complications which can come as a result of it, and a doctor must weigh out the risks versus benefits in order to determine whether it’s the right choice for any patient.

This treatment for ovarian cyst is necessary when the cyst has caused extensive damage to the ovary which cannot be repaired. Doctors weigh out the risks versus benefits and if it’s determined a cyst is suspicious for cancer or otherwise damaging the body to an extreme point, an oophorectomy may be the best solution. Each woman is different and there is no single right treatment for all. Women need to be educated and willing to work with their doctor to find the best treatment for ovarian cyst.

Especially in the cases of younger women this can be a devastating procedure to go through but one that is often necessary. One of the most important things a woman can do for her health is get in to see her doctor for regular pelvic exams. At least this way any cysts that have developed can be spotted early on and treated. Eating lots of fruits and vegetables and getting regular exercise can also help to prevent cysts.