Available Alternative Ovarian Cysts Treatment

Most women will deal with ovarian cysts at one point in their life or another. The good news is that these ovarian cysts are most often functional cysts, which are considered to be harmless. When the cysts are large, malignant or otherwise considered as being suspicious, treatment must be used to deal with the cysts and prevent any chance of ovarian cancer developing. Chemotherapy and radiation are very effective at treating ovarian cysts but are also quite dangerous and can do more harm than good.

The Chinese have a strong belief that with simple herbs ovarian cysts can be treated successfully. This is a completely safe and natural way to deal with ovarian cysts and is one of the most commonly relied on forms of alternative treatment for cysts in China. In traditional Chinese medicine ovarian cysts are considered to be made up of three different pathological factors. They consider these factors to be phlegm, dampness and blood stasis all of which must be treated for the successful removal of cysts in the ovaries.

The Chinese use special herbs to cleanse the body and this treats the cysts but also helps to prevent more from developing in the future. Another option for alternative ovarian cysts treatment is through use of natural progesterone. The idea behind this form of alternative ovarian cysts treatment is that the cysts will disappear by tricking the body into thinking that it’s pregnant. This stimulates the ovaries which in turn helps to get the cysts moving and breaking up on their own.

The added benefit of using natural progesterone is that not only is it able to deal with present ovarian cysts but prevent them in the future. The natural progesterone is different because it helps to balance the levels of estrogen in the body and controls estrogen and its actions in the future. The good news is that only is progesterone considered as being effective for treating ovarian cysts, but it can also help with menopausal symptoms. Hydrotherapy is a relatively newer and lesser known alternative treatment for ovarian cysts.

This treatment relies on the use of water to work. The healing properties of hydrotherapy have proven in thousands of cases around the world already to be enough for treating ovarian cysts, even in more serious cases. This is a very cheap and easy way to treat ovarian cysts, because you can do it yourself right at home. Your family doctor is surely not going to be skilled on this matter, but an alternative or holistic medicine practitioner can help answer all your questions.