What Are Different Effects of Insomnia

Getting a good night sleep is important because sleep deprivation can cause serious health problems such as depression, obesity, cardiovascular disease and diabetes. During daytime, the brain is exposed to lots of information and receives many inputs, and in the night, it records, rejects and sorts out the data. The amount of required sleep varies from person to person and age, but to function properly, most people require minimum of eight hours of sleep each day. Insomnia is a symptom caused by anxiety, stress, pain, depression, sleep disorder, disease, or poor sleep environment, sleep habits and health habits.

It can be very frustrating to be unable to relax and rejuvenate in the night after a long day, and though insomnia is not considered a serious condition by many, insomniacs suffers from several serious side-effects. If the person has not got enough sleep, the sense of judgment and reaction speed suffers, leading to serious mistakes on the road which can cause accidents or even loss of life. Insomnia can also lead to complications in personal relationships as no one wants to be with a person with annoying behavior and attitude. Person suffering from insomnia finds it extremely difficult to perform even the simple chores of daily life.

There is lack of concentration, the person becomes very sluggish and along with the severity of insomnia, the performance starts becoming worse. Though the person may feel terrible for his or her actions and behavior, there is no much that can be controlled. In addition to changes in the personality, insomniac also suffers from several psychological problems. These people are more prone to infections and illnesses as lack of sleep makes the immune system weak.

Workplace colleagues, friends and family members find it extremely difficult to cope with the person who has not had a good night’s sleep. Depression is more common among people suffering from chronic insomnia as lack of sleep gives rise to irritability and mood swings. Insomnia can also affect the appearance of a person, because due to lack of sleep, the repair and growth of the body is not sufficient, affecting the appearance and self-esteem of a person. Insomnia affects metabolic, cardiovascular, nervous and immune system of a body.

Operating machines and driving become difficult for people who are not able to get good sleep. Trying to treat the symptoms by using antihistamines, alcohol or other nonprescription sleep aids can be dangerous and the problem might get compounded. In case insomnia is being caused due to stress, regular exercise during the day will keep the body healthy and relaxed, and ready for taking complete rest in he night. Insomnia effects are serious, and can also be fatal if not treated on time, hence seek medical attention before it gets too late.