Get A Funeral Insurance Plan In Great Britain?

You can never begin your own funeral planning too early, especially if you live in the United Kingdom.  The American penchant to buy a funeral insurance plan while you are in your fifties or sixties is catching on in Great Britain.  Funeral insurance plans (also called funeral life insurance or Funeral Plans) are legal in the UK.  However, unless you plan on dying in the next ten years, you might want to think very carefully about getting a funeral insurance plan.

Too Many Bodies And Not Enough Room

Great Britain is facing an overpopulation problem of epic proportions – and not just with the living.  There is also a tremendous overpopulation of the dead.  There just isn’t any more land available to bury anybody in the traditional way.  According to a 2007 report in “The Times Online”, over half of England’s cemeteries are filled to bursting.  With 10,000 more people per year demanding to be buried, partially die to a funeral insurance plan, there just isn’t enough room to put all the bodies.

Funeral Insurance Plan – What About Cremation

The option of cremation is still open to the living in planning their dying.  You can even write this in to your funeral insurance plan.  However, you might want to also very explicitly state what to do with your ashes.  James Doohan, the beloved actor who played Scotty on “Star Trek”, asked to place his ashes up in a rocket (and it was done).  English ashes are not only being scattered on beloved football grounds and parks, but sent up in fireworks and mixed into the cement of new buildings.

Funeral Insurance Plan In Conclusion

Unless you are filthy rich or are a celebrity and don’t want your family to deal with news that your body was vandalized by souvenir-hunting fans, it really isn’t worth it to buy funeral insurance plans.  The laws of how to dispose of the dead in England are changing.  For example, crematoriums are required by law to reduce their carbon gas output in half by 2012.  This means that you might not be allowed to get cremated by yourself or allowed to have things inside of you like pacemakers or mercury fillings before you go up in smoke.

It is thought that even cremation might wind up falling out of favor with the law for environmental reasons.  A process is being developed to dissolve corpses in acid in order to dispose of them.  This is the procedure for getting rid of diseased cattle.  There are a couple of acid machines in England for the purpose of disposing human remains.  It works like a crematorium – only without the fire.

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