Tips to Ensure a Healthy Pregnancy

The tip of the stick turned pink right on schedule as you took the home test. Congratulations! Now that you know you are pregnant, you are shouldered with the very important task of ensuring that both you and your baby stay in top health for the next nine months. If this sounds easier said than done, relax. To keep you and your baby healthy and happy until the big due date arrives, there are some simple tips that you can follow from that very first pregnancy symptom.

You are What You Eat

This may be true throughout life, but it is especially true during the months of pregnancy. Many women find that eating five or six small meals a day is much easier on an already stressed digestive system. Make sure you are loading up your plate with plenty of fresh produce and whole grains for the biggest bang for your nutritional buck. It is also important to take the prenatal vitamin that your doctor prescribes without fail, since the nutrients found in this simple pill will make all the difference in a healthy pregnancy. Don’t take any type of additional supplements, medications or herbal remedies without checking with your doctor first to ensure their safety.

The List of Don’ts

For your health and the safety of your baby, yes, there are a few things you should refrain from during those important nine months. Smoking, drinking alcohol and taking street drugs are all prescriptions for disaster during pregnancy, since overuse of some of these substances can result in birth defects or a less than healthy newborn. Since accidents can and do happen, it is also important that you never ride in or drive a car without your safety belt. It is also important not to overdo physical activity during this time; when your body tells you to stop and rest, listen to it by all means. The resources that your body needs to do this job properly may not leave you with as much stamina for other things, as it is lot of work growing a baby inside your body.

Take Care

If there was ever a time to indulge in a little extra pampering and care, this is the time. Don’t skimp on your sleep during pregnancy, since your body needs sufficient rest to care for that little life inside. Take time to exercise, even if it is a moderately paced walk around the neighborhood at night. This will help to keep your body in shape during pregnancy and prepare it for the work of labor and delivery that lies ahead.

Pregnancy is a wonderful and exciting time, but it should also be a healthy time. By following these important tips, you can do plenty to help ensure that both you and your baby remain happy and healthy until the big birth day arrives.

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