Some People Are Wondering If The South Beach Diet Will Switch Your Life

A diet that has been become very popular within the last few years is the South Beach Diet, which was created by a cardiologist, Dr Arthur Agatston. He made the dietary plan to help his cardiac patients drop some weight, along with coping with their ongoing symptoms. He never believed that this program would become a worldwide craze as it has become extremely successful in helping just about anyone achieve the weight loss goals that they have been trying to find.

The South Beach Diet is the most popular diet for a lot of men and women mainly because it is not as complex as similar diet programs. The program is divided up into three different stages, the first two stages are in fact rather short although the third stage will be something that you follow to maintain your weight loss. One thing the people like, is not needing to count calories, but only focus on eating three consecutive meals a day, and the menu has a great amount of tasty meals. The 1st phase of the diet only lasts for two weeks, and you’re not allowed to eat foods high in carbohydrates. Something I should point out is that the carbohydrates you are not permitted to eat are going to include things like rice, pasta or bread, but you ought to also understand that this includes things like ice cream and candy as well. For many folks this isn’t going to be a difficult diet to follow providing you like and eggs, meats, vegetables and different types of cheese, which is all you are permitted to eat for the first two weeks.

Phase two of this diet will enable you to start consuming carbohydrates again in a minimum fashion and you’re going to see that this phase will last for about six weeks or until you reach your target weight, whichever comes first. You are additionally going to be learning which carbs are actually good for you and bad for you and of course you’re going to be adding in the good carbs. High fat foods won’t be permitted when you are adding the carbohydrates back into your diet which is something you ought to realize about phase two. Throughout phase two you will be balancing your diet until you have arrived at the weight of your goal. At this time, you’ll move on to phase three, which is when you will manage your body weight by way of a long term diet.

At this time you have permanently changed your ways of eating which is what is going to make it so easy for you to adhere to phase three of the system. Changing the way you think of food along with your eating habits is going to be a thing that is very important in relation to maintaining your weight loss. After you have finished the first two phases you should be feeling so well that you will not want to go back to your old eating habits. That’s what happens to many men and women after the diet, simply because they figure out how easy it is to eat well and balance their diet.

Dieters all over the world like the South Beach Diet, and it has a lot of accounts of success. This not only shows you precisely how to eat healthy, but also what portions you should be eating which means it’s a good diet if you would like to learn to eat the appropriate foods.