Where To Get Natural Vitamin D

Vitamin D has various roles in regulating ones calcium and phosphorous in the body. A human’s body is capable of producing vitamin d when exposed to the rays of the sun. This is because vitamin D is fat-soluble and the sunlight plays a big role for its synthesis. The sun is one natural vitamin d source but there are other sources of this nutrient such as foods.

The best food source of natural vitamin D comes from fishes such as salmon, tuna, mackerel and most popular is the cod liver oil. For a healthier diet, you can add dairy products that are fortified with vitamin D. but you should always be careful when purchasing products because some of them does not contain natural vitamin D. Foods like cereals, margarine, yogurt, and margarine are best sources of natural vitamin D.

Shiitake and button mushroom are exceptional sources of natural vitamin D. Keep on mind that dried shiitake mushrooms contains more vitamin D. Mainly because these types of mushrooms aptly absorb light To top that, mushrooms are great source of other vitamins like B1 and B2. However, if you plan to get a dried shiitake, its best to make sure that it was dried in the sun not artificially to get optimum benefits of its high vitamin content..

Eating foods that contains high vitamin D will help calcium and phosphorous metabolism in your body. This will also help you in avoiding high blood pressure, heart attack, stroke, and even diabetes (type 2). People call it the sunshine vitamin not only because it needs sunlight but it can also keep a person happy and avoid depression. If you think these reasons are not enough to convince you to get foods high in vitamin D then at least consider getting enough sunlight. For your information, natural vitamin d is beneficial for women who are in their premenopausal stage because it reduces the risks of breast cancer. It can also promote lubrication and protection of your bones, teeth and hair because it regulates cellular growth and encourages healthy cell activity.