Vitamin D: Anything in Excess is Bad

One may often lead to inquire how can a vitamin, that is very important to the body can become harmful when taken into excess? Vitamin D is naturally produced by the body when exposed to sunlight, and it is also fat-soluble making it appear harmless. Vitamin D toxicity occurs when there is an excess of intake of vitamin D supplements. Vitamin D toxicity is a condition that occurs only when you consumed a large amount of vitamin D, which cannot be absorbed by the body. Many people think that taking so much multivitamins and supplements are harmless but the contrary is true, anything in excess is hazardous to one’s health. When people take anything in excess, the chance of things going wrong goes up.

The following are the different symptoms of Vitamin D toxicity.

An effect of excess vitamin D is hypocalcaemia, which is an elevated calcium level in the blood. Its effect can lead to anorexia, diarrhea, vomiting and constipation. If it is left untreated, it may lead to further complications such as drowsiness, constant headaches, joint pains, bone pains and even irregular heartbeat. The unnoticeable symptoms of Vitamin D toxicity are similar to other diseases such as excessive thirst, weakness, itching and frequent urination. Others may misdiagnose this as a different illness like diabetes but in reality it is just an over consumption of Vitamin D. The worst things that may happen if the condition persist are ischemic hear disease and kidney failure due to the accumulation of calcium crystals.

Overexposure to sun may lead to sun burn and not to vitamin D toxicity. Toxicity will not occur when consuming food rich with Vitamin D. Excess intake of vitamin D supplements may lead to breakdown of the bones. So better proceed with caution. Although vitamin d toxicity is a rare case, this condition should not be completely ignored. It is always practical to seek a physician or even pharmacist before taking any supplements. After all, vitamin d supplements should augment the lack of vitamin d.