The Pros and Cons of Liquid Vitamin D

A majority of the American population, around 40% takes multi vitamins or vitamin supplements. Unfortunately they didn’t realize that the body does not consume 95 percent of the nutrients in the supplement properly. This renders the pills and tables useless or ineffective when it comes to their purpose. Fortunately, liquid vitamins are available. Liquid vitamins are more efficient and it has the desired effect compared to chewable or tablet vitamin.

People prefer liquid vitamins because they are easier to swallow as compared to a large tablet or pill. An added feature is manufacturers produce different flavors to suit the different taste of the consumers. One asset of liquid vitamin d is that the body can easily absorb it into its system. Its liquid form allows a compound to break it down to smaller elements making it absorbable for the body. The absorption rate of a tablet vitamin is 30% compared to the 90% absorption rate of liquid vitamin. Since the body absorbs the liquid vitamin effectively, then the nutrients are also efficient when it comes into contact with the system. In addition, the liquid vitamins are highly concentrated as compared to that of tablets.Meaning it is three to five times condensed, which increases the bio-activity of ones body. The immune system will thus be strengthened.

One should also note that taking only liquid vitamin d is not a bed of roses, there are downsides as well. The absorption of liquid is not at its best for the body. During digestion, liquids ingested in the body tend to lose their nutrients. Now, in this situation the liquid vitamin d will also lose its nutrients even before it enters the intestine where the actual digestion of the vitamin occurs. It is still relatively efficient than chewable supplements as it disperses the nutrients to various areas of the body with the help of the blood stream.

The popular option is the liquid vitamin because of its potency and efficiency. Whether your body requires folic acid, B-vitamins, vitamin c, or vitamin d, the best way to take it is in liquid form.