Omega 3 Fish Oil – What You Need To Know

Fish is high in healthy omega 3 fatty acids compared to meats fats that are high in cholesterol. By incorporating omega 3 fish oil in the diet, many people have experienced the difference in their bodies. These fatty acids are easily used by the body and have significant impacts on the body’s system and functions.

The noticeable absence of coronary heart disease in Eskimos led the way for scientists to study omega 3 fish oil. A diet rich in fat was previously thought to lead to higher incidences of atherosclerosis. This marked the beginning of good fat and bad fat debate. Though the Eskimos have a high-fat diet, they mainly consume fish such as salmon which is high in omega 3 fatty acids.

Research show that the reduced triglycerides in the blood is caused by omega 3 fatty acids. High triglycerides and cholesterol levels are susceptible to heart disease. A balanced omega 3 fish oil and omega 6 is essential for your health, as what most doctors say. But the downside is, with Western diets, fats from meats such a beef, pork and chicken do not provide sufficient amounts of omega 3, but provide more than enough amounts of omega 6.

Balancing omega 6 fatty acids in the diet and benefiting from omega 3 fish oil can be done with the help of incorporating purified fish oil in a healthy diet. A ratio of 1:1 is ideal. The typical Western diet has more omega 6 and very little omega 3, making the ratio 20:1. Natural health experts have expressed their opinions that this ratio can cause serious health problems.

Because of the need to balance good and bad fats, omega 3 fish oil supplements are now commercially produced and sold in the market. You need to consider some factors before you buy these omega 3 supplements. First is to ensure that the oil is purified or it is pharmaceutical grade. It should be free of toxic elements, particularly mercury, than can be found in the ocean.

Next is to ensure that the omega 3 supplement contains DHA and EPA fatty acids because these help in providing optimum health benefits. Ideally, the DHA should be higher than the other fatty acid. But many commercially available omega 3 supplements have lower DHA levels.

It is important that your physician knows this. In order to balance the good and bad fats in your body and how much omega 3 is needed, you will need to undergo physical exam and blood tests.