Getting Enough Sunlight―Benefits of Vitamin D

There are many advantages of vitamin D. It is a very unique vitamin because it came from sources that most people do not notice. Since it plays an important role in one’s health, it is imperative to supply our bodies with this nutrient. One of the benefits of vitamin D is its role in helping the body absorb calcium, which contributes to bone and joint development.

Individuals who have sufficient supply of vitamin D have lower risks of suffering from osteoporosis and arthritis because this nutrient helps in improving one’s bones and joints. One of the most notable benefits of vitamin D is that it can prevent colon and colorectal cancers.

The benefits of vitamin D does not only include preventing cancer and strengthening the bones but it can also boost one’s immune system which decreases the chances of getting cardiovascular diseases and improves insulin secretion. In fact, there are even scientist who think that intake of vitamin D may aid in preventing Alzheimer’s disease.

The best sources of Vitamin D is the Sun. The sun’s ultraviolet rays help in synthesizing the Vitamin D in a person’s body. Sunshine provides great benefits of vitamin D to our body because it can plus it can give you a nice tan just by being exposed to it for a period of time.

These days, there are many food sources of vitamin D because it can be fortified with Vitamin D. Cod liver oil, the unrefined, pure oil contains a lot of vitamin D. Drugstores and supermarkets sell a lot of supplements that contain vitamin D.

Since experts recommended a required 1000 to 2000 IUs, vitamin D3 are readily available for consumption. The aforementioned is a great source of vitamin D, especially to those who live far off north or people who needs to stay indoors all the time.

Vitamin D is essential in your nutritional needs everyday. It is important to have gainful knowledge on the benefits of vitamin d so that one can realize its significance in our health and daily lives.