Facts About Vitamin D Foods

In our everyday lives, vitamin d is the most taken for granted substance. Many are not aware that vitamin D is one of the most critical component in terms of bone development because it controls calcium and phosphorous levels in the body. Its role is to keep a flawless immune system and to lessen the swelling of organs that results to chronic diseases such as cancer or cardiac arrest. This is why it is important that people should be aware that they can be healthy through the intake of Vitamin D foods

Fatty foods such as salmon, mackerel, and sardines are best examples of vitamin D foods While a can of sardines has 250 IU of vitamin D, a single serving of salmon can provide up to 360 IU. Vitamin D are also present in Swiss cheese, egg yolk, liver, cod and cod liver oil. Finding vitamin D foods sources can be tough because as per the Food and Nutrition Board an adult who are 50 years old and below needs 200 IU while adults that are 51 to 70 should get 400 IU per day, and for those beyond 70, 600 IU.

Vitamin D foods sources that contains incredibly high dosage are pure unrefined cod liver oils that has 1360 IU. However, if you want, you can resort to food items that are fortified with vitamin D. These products like orange juice and milk have been fortified with vitamin D containing as much as 100 IU per serving. The American Heart Association promotes to eat salmon along with cereals and oats at least 3 times a week because it helps Fight cardiovascular diseases and they are great sources of vitamin D.

It is important to note that vitamin D food sources are limited; one should understand how to maintain adequate levels of Vitamin D. Vitamins are unquestionably essential to everyone’s well-being which is why it is crucial to keep vitamin D in your diet and expose yourself to the healthy rays of he sun as it plays a big role in the development and production of muscles.