Adult Dyslexia-Get Help With The Lindamood Phoneme Sequencing Program

A popular program to treat adult dyslexia is the Lindamood Phoneme Sequencing Program (LIPS). This program uses phoneme awareness as its main method to learn how to read correctly. This program has also grown more popular over recent years.

This program believes that the primary cause of problems related to decoding and spelling is the individuals inability to judge the identity or sound sequence that is found within words. This inability is normally termed to be weak phoneme awareness.

A dyslexic person is generally thought to have a weakness in his or her phonological processing. This weakness is said to be the cause of why children and adults who suffer from this illness tend to substitute or omit words they read and they may even reverse the sounds and the letters within the words that they have been reading.

People who suffer with dyslexia cannot accurately get the words from the page they are reading, this is because even though they can see the letters and words in there correct form, they are unable to tell whether what they see would match with what they are about to say. Because of this they are unable to correct and detect their errors in spelling, reading and their speech. Also this is the main cause of difficulty when a some one tries to learn a second language.

The main aim of this program is to successfully develop a person with dyslexia phoneme awareness. Here you are able to apply the so-called awareness to your reading, spelling, writing, and speech both remedially and preventively.

If you decide to train in this kind of program, you will be helped to find out the different mouth actions that can produce real speech sounds. By the use of this kind of sensory information, you will learn to verify sounds and know their order within words. Once have been taught this kind of skill, you are then able to correct yourself when reading, writing, spelling, and even speaking.

Normally, people who take this program will gain several grade levels on their decoding ability. This is generally gained within four to six weeks of having intensive training and treatment. If you decide to undergo an intensive program, then you will required to undergo therapy for at least four hours in a day.

However, you still have the choice on how intense you want your program to be. If you want it to be not so intense, then they can adjust it to suit you.

Recent findings have also shown that additional gains in speech and language skills have also occurred by the use of this sensory cognitive method. This was observed even after individuals have already reached a certain level through the traditional approach to speech therapy.

You can undergo this kind of program by going to a Lindamood Bell Learning Processes Center. You can find one in over fifteen states in the United States and they are also available in the United Kingdom. You can have access to materials that are included in the program such as a manual with a detailed presentation of the steps that you have to take in the program. Some outlines and sample dialogues are also be included.

You would also need to have some of their support products. Some of these are their classroom kit, program clinical kit, training videos, a practice CD, and a testing kit. These products are included when you apply for their program.

The program also caters to other conditions related to dyslexia, such as hyperlexia. This is a condition where you may have specific problems in comprehending what you just have read, even though you may be able to read it accurately.

As always it is recommended to use the internet to do any research and find your local Lindamood Bell Learning Processes Center. This is also an ideal way to make contact with them.

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