Using Surgery To Prevent Snoring

If snoring really aggravates your sleeping partner then it may be time for you to consider  surgery to prevent snoring. Surgery for some people is a radical method to resolve their snoring dilemma but for a number of people it is the only way to stop. There are quite a few types of surgeries that can be performed but not all of them have the same success and every surgery has its own pros and cons.


If you find yourself making chainsaw noises at night then schedule an appointment with your doctor to check out your snoring problem especially if you have tried all the snoring prevention device and over the counter remedy to no effect.


Widening Airways


Surgery to prevent snoring works to widen the airways and relieve your breathing. One procedure that is used to prevent your snoring is Uvulopalatopharyngoplasty. It’s quite a mouthful and it certainly does a lot. When you go under the knife you will be removing your tonsils, part of the soft palate and the uvula.


Surgery to prevent snoring using this procedure appears to be temporary. Only about half of patients who have undergone treatment using this surgical procedure report any improvement after two years. Using this procedure to prevent snoring appears to be temporary. Others find that inside two years they have the same old problems once more with snoring.


Laser Procedures


There is a surgery to prevent snoring that uses lasers if you find that the cost of the above procedure seems to be too much for you then. . You will shorten your uvula with this procedure. Lasers are also used to vaporize parts of your soft palate with this surgical procedure.

This procedure uses only local anesthetic compared to the general anesthetic used in the above procedure

This is a recommended procedure if you have already had your tonsils removed. However you should be warned that it is not completely effective. Although their snoring was much better than before, many people who have undergone the procedure reported that their sleeping partners were still not happy with their snoring.


Palate Stiffening


Surgery to prevent snoring that involves stiffening the palate of the mouth is also performed. It is considered quite effective for many people, with a high rate of people finding relief in the long term. Though in the short term more than 90% of people are able to cure their snoring problems using this procedure. If you think that you could benefit from surgery to prevent snoring then you should talk to your doctor about having this procedure done. Although not completely effective it may help to reduce your snoring problems.

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