Sleep Position and Snoring: Is there a link?

You may have heard that sometimes there is a connection between your Sleep Position and Snoring. In many ways this is correct as snoring happens when a person starts breathing through their mouth rather than their nose. This dries up the throat and causes the tissue in this area to vibrate as air passes over it which is the noise we call snoring. Obviously your mouth is more likely to fall open when you sleep on your back, so you see an obvious connection between this sleep position and snoring. Keeping yourself on your side or stomach is going to help with the problem of snoring tremendously, although this can be difficult for some people. There is the common advice of sewing a tennis ball into the back of your pajamas so that when you roll onto your back you feel that and are pushed back onto your side. This advice when it comes to your sleep position and snoring cessation can actually backfire as of course it’s very uncomfortable to roll onto a tennis ball and many who try this find they wake up during the night every time this happens.

A better idea for keeping yourself in the best sleep position for snoring cessation might be to use some pillows under one of your sides. This can prop you up even when you roll onto your back and keep you from being in a bad position during sleep. You can also try a body pillow or large pillow in front of you to clutch while sleeping; there’s something about the action of keeping your arms and legs wrapped around such a pillow that keeps you on your side. The support you get in front might help to keep you in the best sleep position and Snoring cessation.

Your sleep position and snoring are not the only issues when it comes to this habit. If your mouth and throat are overly dry or if you have sinus problems, allergies, asthma, or are severely overweight you can also find that you snore constantly. All of these conditions should be treated whether they cause snoring or not, but usually keeping your bedroom adequately ventilated with a humidifier or warm mist vaporizer can also help. While your sleep position and snoring is often related these other conditions can cause problems related to snoring and may need the attention of a doctor.

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