The Popularity of Stop Smoking Drugs

As the popularity of stop smoking drugs grows, there are more and more options as new stop smoking drugs are added to the race for consumers. There are some stop smoking drugs that require a prescription to obtain them. These are often used by people who have tried the over the counter methods and have not had success with them. There are also many different types of stop smoking drugs that can be obtained over the counter, which can fit whatever lifestyle the person that is trying to quit has. Some of these over the counter drugs are placed in the mouth, which seems to help with the oral fixation of the smoker, thus giving them something to do when it is the time when they would normally take their smoking break.

Types of Stop Smoking Drugs

One of the prescription types of stop smoking drugs is called Varenicline. This drug is a pill that is usually used for about six months. The smoker will start to take the pill for a couple of weeks before he actually stops smoking altogether. The pills are taken at a lower dosage at first to allow the body to get used to them, but once they have built up in the system, a larger dosage can be taken and two pills are taken per day. The down side to these pills is that there are more side effects that are seen with them than the over the counter stop smoking drugs. People that have kidney problems cannot use the medication and it can also cause a host of psychological problems such as depression.

Another type of prescription stop smoking drug is called Bupropion. This drug operates in much the same way as the one mentioned above, being built up in the system for about two weeks before quitting smoking. It can cause allergic reactions as well as sleeping disorders and is not recommended for those who have had any emotional disorders or who have had a seizure. However, it is said to help people to maintain their vow to stop smoking since it relieves the physical symptoms that go along with quitting.

Instead of using these prescription stop smoking drugs, there are also plenty of over the counter versions that a person can use. There are patches that can be worn under the clothing that have various doses of medicine in them. In this way, the person can gradually decrease the doses as his body gets used to the lower level of nicotine in the system.