Finding A Free Stop Smoking Program

Are you trying to quit smoking? Does it look like it is too hard of a struggle? Quitting smoking alone can be tortuous and exasperating. If you need help to stop smoking, there are plenty of stop smoking programs out there to help you become a healthier individual. In fact, there are many free stop smoking programs to help you kick the habit. Here is some information on how to find a free stop smoking program that works for you.

Talk To Your Doctor About Available Free Stop Smoking Program

One of your number one resources when you stop smoking will be your doctor. He or she will know the best stop smoking program for you, individually. Talk to your doctor about what free stop smoking programs are available near you. In addition, talk to your doctor about what he or she thinks will work best for you. They might recommend that you take a prescription drug to help curb the cravings or to alter your image of cigarettes. You may also get a referral to a therapist to help you get rid of the psychological addiction to cigarettes. Your doctor might also be able to get you free or discounted stop smoking aids like Nicorette gum, patches, or even a nicotine fake cigarette. Even if your doctor is unable to help you with stop smoking aids, he or she will definitely be able to direct you in the right direction to find a free stop smoking program.

Community Centers And Churches

Two of the best places to look for local free stop smoking program outreaches are churches and community centers. Look for where the local Alcohol Anonymous is held. Chances are other addiction classes are held there as well. If you do not find what you are looking for, call the church or community center and ask what they have available. Even if they do not offer a free stop smoking program, they might know where to look.

Local And State Government

Many states and governments now offer free stop smoking programs through the official government. This is because it is better for a country to have healthy people who are not smoking, so spending the government’s funds free stop smoking programs for citizens is well worth it. Contact your county health department and ask what type of stop smoking programs are available for free. However, you will have to be a citizen of whatever county/town/province to participate in their free programs.