A Guide to Help Stop Smoking

Smoking is a habit which is difficult to get rid of, and millions of smokers all over the world fail several times before they are able to quit successfully. However, these past experiences must be treated as a journey towards becoming a non-smoker.

Various Techniques to Help Stop Smoking

Deep breathing is the most important and powerful techniques, and every time you feel the urge to have a cigarette, inhale the deepest lung-full air, very slowly, and exhale. Allow your chin to sink over your chest, and imagine all the tension in your body slowly draining out of your toes and fingers. This is a very relaxing yoga technique that can help quit smoking. Once you start practicing this deep breathing and relaxing technique, you will be able to use it for any stressful situation, and deal with it in a better way. During the phase of strong cravings, this technique will be your greatest weapon.

Another useful method to help quit smoking is to drink plenty of water and fluids, especially in the initial days. This helps flush out nicotine and many other accumulated poisons from your body. Just keep in mind that the urge to smoke lasts only few minutes, and it will pass soon. The urges become farther and farther apart gradually, as the days go by.

Staying away from sugar, alcohol and coffee is yet another effective method to help quit smoking. For initial 2-3 weeks, try your best to stay away from them. It also helps to avoid fatty food, as without nicotine, the metabolism tends to slow down. Getting disciplined regarding diet is very important, and with some practice, it is easy to adapt to the new eating habits. Choose low calorie foods such as apples, carrots and celery. When the cravings are difficult to handle, chewing the gum or sucking on the cinnamon sticks can help quite smoking.

If you were in a habit of having a cigarette after the dinner, try to replace it with the peppermint candy or a cup of mint tea.

Taking oral substitutes can be very helpful to help quite smoking, and chewing gums, cinnamon sticks and artificial cigarettes are useful substitutes, and most people find that after first week without smoke, there is no need of these substitutes as well. Going to gym, exercising regularly and sitting in the steam also help quite smoking. Jogging, yoga, or even reiki is great too. Pamper yourself with a long bath, or get involved in a hobby. Asking for support can be very useful to help quite smoking. Let your co-workers, family members and friends know that you are trying to quit, and you might be grumpy or edgy for a few days.

There are many helpline services that offer free help to stop smoking, and these are funded by Department of Health Services. You can call up and get help over phone, or get the booklets through mails.