Understanding Asperger Syndrome

high functioning autism

Individuals with Asperger syndrome, or AS, are at the high functioning end of the autism spectrum. Patients with this disorder show impairment in social behavior and motor skills and are also marked by clumsiness. Because it can resemble other forms of autism, it can sometimes be misdiagnosed. While the treatments can be similar, it is important to get a correct diagnosis as there are certain individual treatments that are added for individual patients.

Hans Asperger, an Austrian pediatrician, was the first to pinpoint the disorder in 1944, when he described his patients as failing to demonstrate empathy, as well as lacking nonverbal communication skills. It wasn’t until 50 years later that this syndrome was finally recognized and classified as an actual disorder. Today, there are still many questions about the autistic disorder-like impairment. There has long been doubt about the differences in high functioning autistic individuals and those that have AS.

Many physicians use individual treatment plans, depending on the age of the individual, to help manage the lives of those who have Asperger syndrome. The plans vary depending on the development and functioning of the person and can be changed as the person progresses in development. Treatments for AS are very similar to those used to treat highly functioning patients with autism.

asperger syndrome is one of many disorders that fall within the autism spectrum. There have been many studies and much research done to try and find out more about this disorder. While a lot of information has been discovered, there is still much more to learn. Experts understand some of the reasons why individuals may have this disorder but, as with other disorders, such as autism, not all of the answers have been found. Much has been discovered to help those afflicted to increase their social skills and to stop repetitive behavior skills. Helping individuals to increase these skills allows them to live a more prosperous lifestyle and have a more productive future.

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