Starting A Massage Business : Stuff You Will Need

When you’re beginning a career as a massage therapist, you will need to purchase a variety of massage therapy supplies. These products come in a variety of shapes and sizes and are all essential ingredients to build a successful therapy career.

Massage Oils and Creams

The first massage therapy supplies that you will need to buy are your massage oils and creams. You should try to find high quality substances that are made from all-natural ingredients as these types of products can reduce the risk of your client suffering from an allergic reaction. You will want to test these oils and creams to ensure that they do not leave a greasy residue behind.

Couch Covers

You will also want to purchase a number of couch covers when picking up your massage therapy supplies. Because your client will be lying down for extended periods of time, the covers yuo purchase need to be soft to the touch and very comfortable. You should also try to pick covers that are made of all-natural fabrics (such as cotton) that will not irritate your client’s skin and are easily washable due to the fact that these items will become stained with your oils and creams.

Massage Robes

Massage robes are another massage therapy supply that you will need to buy. Again, an all natural fabric is the best to prevent irritation to your client and is durable through numerous washings. You should buy a large supply of these robes to ensure that you have enough to last you for a few days between cleanings.

Sanitizing Products

You will also need to purchase sanitizing products when you are picking up your massage therapy supplies. For hygienic reasons, you should completely wash down your massage table and/or chair after each therapy session. You will need to read the instructions carefully as to the use of these products to determine that you find one that can effectively eliminate germs as well as a variety of viral infections.

These are just a few of the many massage therapy supplies that you will need. To find a complete listing of these products, check out massage therapy supplies.

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