Ways To Prevent Head Lice From Reappearing

Between the ages of four years to eleven years a child can be infested with head lice over and over again as they are a real pain to get rid of. There are ways to prevent head lice from spreading and reoccurring which are actually very easy to do and make a lot of sense.

Within a few days of applying a medicated formula to a persons scalp it can be expected that the head lice will begin to die. Repeated use of the medication over the next few days is a must to ensure that they are eliminated completely.

 Clean All Manchester And Clothing

Even after the most helpful ways to prevent head lice have been administered, the bed that the person with an infestation of head lice will need to be cleaned systematically. Not only will the bed need a methodical cleaning but also the pillows and the sheets also. The egg cases could have been left. Although, live lice will not stay alive for long outside our scalp, egg cases are a different story. Head lice life is short outside of our hair and scalp. Cleaning the sheets, the pillowcases, the bed and the pillows with the right chemicals can kill off any remaining nits. 

Cleaning the hair brushes and other head gear such as hats and head bands that the infected person may use will also help as a way to prevent head lice from recurring. These things may seem small in comparison to the bed and the sheets but they can still contain head lice egg cases or maybe even a stray louse. 

Other ways to prevent head lice infestation or to reduce the risk of it is to bathe daily and to brush your hair often, a fine tooth combing of the hair may also be necessary. There are specifically designed combs that can be used to see f you have a head lice infestation or not in your family. These ways to prevent a head lice infestation can be coupled with regular checking monthly. 


Avoiding associating yourself with people who could be infected with head lice with possible lice is also another method in which you can prevent head lice from transferring to another person. Even using personal items that the head lice may have come in contact with is discouraged. One can never know where a stray egg case or louse may be hiding. 

These ways to prevent head lice from entering your life and that of your family’s is very easy to follow but may seem especially difficult for younger children.


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