How To Prevent Head Lice Infestation

Head lice are parasites that live first and foremost in a person’s scalp. They flourish here and lay their eggs and increase their numbers. One should learn how to prevent head lice from infecting a member of your family because the removal of these parasites can be bothersome and may require a long time. 

Head lice are an irritation since they spread rapidly when they infest young children. Young children are the usual victims of these infestations because they are inclined to do a lot  of things together and have no idea how to prevent head lice from infesting them.  

Know How To Spot A Head Lice Infestation 

One certain method to understand how to prevent head lice infestations is to nip it in the bud by learning what signs to look for in a child. Some of the signs of a head lice infestation are vigorous scratching of the head, the presence of nits or egg cases and possibly dirty pillows. 

The scratching is due mainly to the head lice biting into our scalps. Children from ages four to eleven years old are more prone to head lice infestations than young adults. This is because at these ages, children are usually not as shy with each other and may have constant head to head contact. The presence of egg cases or nits is usually found near the base of the hair strand. They start out dark but lighten when the lice are hatched. Lice droppings or poor hair and scalp hygiene may cause dirty pillows.

Check Hair And Scalp Regularly

Another way to be familiar with on how to prevent head lice is to check on your family’s hair and scalp every few months. In order to prevent head lice infestation, you need to be vigilant in doing this, especially with your younger children. 

Visually checking your child’s hair may be effective but a fine-toothed comb through may be more effective in order to prevent head lice from increasing. There are specially crafted combs that are built to prevent head lice infestation and for combing hem out. These fine-toothed combs are more effective if used on damp hair because this clumps the hair together making running through them more difficult for head lice. Experts recommend doing the combing with a piece of white paper under the hair for better visibility. 

Being thorough in examination your family’s hair is a good start on how to prevent head lice from entering your lives and increasing in numbers, and earning how to prevent head lice infestation has a smaller amount if any side effects at all compared to some medications used to treat a head lice infestation.

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