Head Lice Natural Treatment Made Moderately Easy

Head lice natural treatment will never be dead easy, because time, effort, money and a lot of squinting is involved.  Also, it’s something where you have to get every single member of your household involved, which is usually not an easy process in and of itself.  But if one member of the household has head lice, then that means every single person needs head lice treatment.


Don’t Play The Blame Game


The first thing you need to remember about head lice home treatment is not to waste any time or energy playing the blame game.  This is where you and your housemates sit around with favorite beverages in hand and grumpily guess at the source of your current head lice invasion.  This will get you nowhere.


Head lice has been around the human species since we crawled out of the ocean and will most likely survive long after we’ve become extinct.  Just get on with the head lice natural treatment – unless you purposefully want to see a lot of head lice in the coming days.


The Next Step


Immediately begin a head lice home treatment, even before going out to the drug store to get the proper medical treatment.  You don’t want to risk infecting everyone you come into contact with.  If you want to infect everyone you come in contact with, then skip the home treatment and go to the store to get a nit comb, an over the counter head lice treatment and chocolate to soothe your frayed nerves.


If you do the former, you get in the shower or bathtub and saturate your hair to the point where every single strand is dripping wet.   This kills off most of the adults, but the others will crawl to rest in dry spaces that do exist in your hair.  Kill them by taking a bottle of whatever hair conditioner you have – it doesn’t matter what kind – and completely plastering your hair thickly with it. 


After five or ten minutes, comb your hair out, preferably with a nit comb if you have one.  A flea comb would work, too.  Rub any nits onto a paper towel which will then be thrown out or burnt.  Rinse off your hair.  When you’re dry, gather your bedding and sleepwear and put them all in a hot tumble dryer for ten minutes.  This will kill off most of the eggs. You then need to repeat this in a few days with the over the counter head lice treatment in order to kill any eggs or adults that escaped the previous holocaust.

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