What Is A Cholesterol Free Diet And Is It Good For Me?

Cholesterol has been a hot topic in the past ten years. People draw conclusions that if you have cholesterol you have a poor diet and have poor health, people also want to get rid of cholesterol without understanding what it is or how it affects your body. 

People need to learn that there are in fact two types of cholesterol bad cholesterol (known as low density or LDL) and good cholesterol (known as high density or HDL).  People do not realize that cholesterol is an essential substance in the human body but it depends on the levels that you have.  If you were to choose a cholesterol free diet it could be very harmful to your wellbeing, HDL cholesterol are really extremely vital to certain bodily functions such as constructing and repairing cell walls.  New research shows and  even suggests that HDL cholesterol acts as a crude antioxidant. 

You do not need to have a cholesterol free diet if there have  been signs you or your family have had a  history of heart problems or cardiovascular disease.  Instead, understand what bad cholesterol you need to avoid and maintain the beneficial cholesterol in your diet.  LDL cholesterol can certainly be challenging, as it has been associated with heart attacks as well as strokes, but it doesn’t require a lot of effort to methodically eliminate it from your diet.  Instead of trying to keeping away from cholesterol overall, steer clear of a cholesterol free diet and as a substitute look for foods that are low in LDL cholesterol and high in HDL cholesterol. 

Is A Cholesterol Free Diet The Best Choice?

To find foods which are good for your health is not as hard a task as you may think as long as you know what you are looking for. Foods such as lean meat and fish are both good meat choices, and are also high in protein.  Also choose low-fat dairy products and be sure to keep up with your grains, vegetable and fruit intake. A good diet to control or reduce your cholesterol would be around six servings of grains each day, three to five servings of vegetables and two to four servings of fruits. 

This  diet is not a hard one to follow and if your keep this strategy in place when shopping then you will be avoiding the products which contain the harmful LDL cholesterol. Remember to reduce your fat in take  especially fats that have saturated fat  as they tend to raise blood cholesterol levels.  Avoid eating fried foods as well, choosing grilled, broiled and baked foods as a healthy alternative. 

So the question of what is a cholesterol free diet and is it good for me is answered. A cholesterol free diet may not be the right decision if you want to keep your heart and body strong.  By simply choosing a balanced diet will help you to weed out the bad cholesterol and keep the good cholesterol.

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