Top Health Tips To Avoid Coronary Artery Disease

Just About twenty five percent of all deaths are caused by heart disease owing to clogged or ‘furred up’ coronary (heart) arteries, a disease medically known as atherosclerosis that is attributable to raised blood cholesterol levels. A central element of heart disease is your way of life and what foods you eat.

Simplistic actions like following a 7 day detox diet, making sure you get some exercise, shedding a few pounds and stopping smoking can have a major impact in reducing your risks of heart disease – you may also be interested to try using foot detox to work on eliminating all those toxins rushing round your blood stream.

Warning signs of heart disease

If you get heart disease, you will be at increased risk of developing angina (intense chest pain due to your heart not receiving enough oxygen), a heart attack; an arrhythmia (which is an extraordinary heart rate, which will cause shortness of breath, lightheadedness and in many cases death); or heart failure (when the heart is unable to pump correctly, leading to shortness of breath, tiredness, swollen ankles, and which eventually might shorten your life expectancy).

Atherosclerosis can also occur in arteries in other areas of your body, including the brain, kidneys, or legs. This can lead to strokes, kidney failure, or restricted blood flow in the legs and even amputation. Other conditions of the heart and blood flow system include excessive blood pressure, heart attacks and varicose veins.

Most heart conditions can be avoided, or improved substantially by making simple changes to your lifestyle and eating habits. To reduce your risk of heart disease, you are advised to eat a healthy diet, do not add an excessive amount of salt to your food, learn how to quit smoking, don’t drink a lo of alcohol, exercise regularly, lose any excess weight you may be carrying (there’s plenty of easy weight loss tips to help you), and try to eliminate your stress levels.

Green tea is is becoming known as a very healthy drink, and is supposed to help protect against heart and circulatory disease, and is a tasty addition to a detox diet. So far the evidence for this is inconclusive, drinking green tea looks to be safe, so it may well be worth trying as well as other preventative activities.

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