Your fat loss diet has rules you should stick to

There is sensible weight loss dieting and then there are mad fad diets. The mainstream diets point you to sensible eating and a pound by pound weight reduction over a long time frame. By contrast the mad fad diets offer the promise of huge weight reduction in a very short stretch of time.

Is it even possible that these very low calorie diets can work? They claim great things but you must know that they are not based on normal food and ideas. I know this because I have lost 5 stones in a space of just 15 weeks on one of these diets.

I know just why I was so successful and why you should consider looking at this. The main reason is the rules that you have to follow.

Fad diets have very strict rules that you have to follow. They are so simply even a guy can make sense of them. They give you a meal plan that says “this is what you can eat” It is very limited and usually quite boring but you know that if you stick to the diet rules you will lose the weight.

Normal weight loss diets work on the basis of reducing your food intake generally and closely watching what you eat. You are so busy counting points and calories that you do not know quite what you are allowed to eat and when.

You can see that the simplicity of the diet rules help you on this type of program. But of course then the question is can you stick to the diet rules you are given. The rules that you do have are in a way much harder to stick to but you also expect to be hungry on this type of diet so you expect this. It creates a sort of virtuous circle of thought processes that give you more resolve.

Rules for diets are what make them work. I just like the simple and easy to follow rules of mad fad diets.

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