Your Diet Is Essential If You Are Suffering From Indigestion

Indigestion is a very common problem that everyone, old or young, will have experienced at some point of time or another in their lives. It doesn’t matter how strong is your constitution just because many a times you will not be able to keep yourself away from overeating and that in turn will result in indigestion.

Excess Acid

Eating foods whose expiry dates have elapsed is a possible reason for developing indigestion. Mostly, the reason for suffering from indigestion is that you may have overeaten or there is excess acid in the stomach. Though it is necessary for the stomach to have sufficient acid in order to digest food, when the level rises above normal, the excess acid can lead to development of symptoms.

Typical symptoms of indigestion included feeling pain in the upper parts of the abdomen, loss of appetite, heartburn as well as feeling of sickness and having too much gas within the stomach that leads to flatulence and to belching. Such symptoms however only cause very slight discomforts and before long, in most cases, the symptoms will disappear on their own and can also be controlled through use of over-the-counter medicines. However, when symptoms last over a prolonged period of time there is need to take sterner action.


In case of severe symptoms it is necessary to seek advice from a doctor and commonly symptoms such as uncommon weight loss as well as indigestion occurring for the first time in people in their middle to late forties and severe pain will necessitate getting professional help. These symptoms could be indicative of more serious problems and so should be checked by a doctor.

One proven cure for controlling indigestion is diet modulation, though taking a medical opinion is also a good idea. Of course, most indigestion problems are generally harmless and the symptoms develop because a person has been negligent about their eating habits. In such cases, using non-prescription medications can prove to be the right solution. Pregnant mothers-to-be are also often affected by indigestion though they need not worry because following childbirth the problem generally disappears on its own.

Acid indigestion is another common health problem and one that is quite similar to general indigestion though the latter occurs because of overeating while the former occurs because of presence of unwanted amounts of hydrochloric acid in the stomach.

The discomfort felt as a result of indigestion can vary with the more serious symptoms being hard to get rid off through ordinary means. A doctor will need to diagnose the condition and recommend suitable treatment including changing the diet as well as performing exercises to help you relax.

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