Why the super rich are looking overseas to live

Welcome to a healthier life of global investment experience, a world full of potential for enjoyment and for profit! More and more people are arriving at the conclusion that moving abroad makes great sense, not just from money’s standing (cost of living is generally lower), but also for a higher quality of life. While traditionally most people moving abroad have been retirees, communications now enable younger individuals and families to move anywhere. What could be better than working from a home office in a pleasant location where you can safely bring up your kids… and enjoy time with them?

Multi-national individuals who earn their income in one country and live in another are becoming much more the norm, no longer being the rare eccentrics who scared bankers so much just a few years ago. Your new lifestyle can start close to home in sunny Mexico. Don’t believe everything you hear; There are many places in Mexico that afford a high quality of life like Puerto Vallarta, Mazatlan, Playa Del Carmen, and many more.

Don’t compromise your lifestyle on bit. But the price of housing has become so ridiculously high in places like London or San Francisco, that you could likely cash out, take early retirement and live a much better life elsewhere, for less money. How does a rural house in the South of France, your tropical paradise on the Mexican riviera, a villa overlooking a Caribbean beach and a pied a terre on the ski slopes sound? Whatever turns you on, with pocket money thrown in…

This is simply attainable fiscally speaking, you don’t need to hear that from me. From a money making point of view, easy access to the internet worldwide solves almost any problem. Mom, dad, and the rest of the gang? Well how much do you really see of them anyway? Show them how much better life is where you are by flying them over? For your kids, seeing the world is the best gift you could give them.

Their desire to do this only increases with every bad economic report. On the contrary, it will turn the stream into a river. Growing ammounts of Americans are going to look overseas for a happier. The declining US dollar also serves to make property in the Caribbean, Mexico, and Latin America. These economies depend on the dollar and their prices reflect it, if you’ve got another countries dollar, all the better. They, too, are becoming more adventurous in their property purchases. Living abroad is a great way for you to live internationally. Learn more here: Offshore banking. The end result is more prosperity for the region and for you. On a transaction like this, everybody comes out ahead.

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