Why do they tell you lies when you go on a weight loss diet?

When you decide to go on a weight loss diet you expect to get help and support to do well. I have been dieting all my adult life and having finally succeeded this year I now know that most of the diet schemes and gurus are telling lies. Here are the top 4 weight loss diet lies in no particular order.

Weight loss lie 1. You will not be hungry on this diet.

One of the first questions you want to know the answer to is this and you want to know for sure you will not go hungry. Overeating is why you are overweight and by eating less you send a message to your body that you are not eating as much? I have followed over 20 diets in the last 30 years and they are all wrong - you will be hungry on any diet. You will not be stuffing your stomach with food all day like you normally do so it means you will be hungry.

Weight loss lie 2. No diet is possible without a strong will.

Another way they phrase this is that you will find it easy to stick to. The strict dieting requires iron willpower and complete commitment. You are in a personal struggle for your bodies health. You will find it hard.

Weight loss lie 3. You can eat what you like and no one will know you are on a diet.

You most definitely cannot eat what you like. That is how you became overweight. You will not be eating all your favourite foods while you are on the diet. You will be eating things you are not used to and may not enjoy very much. But by doing this you will lose weight

Weight loss lie 4. You will find it easy to keep the weight off when you finish.     

You will find it very difficult to keep the weight off and will have to plan your strategy for keeping slim at the end of your diet. It will not just happen.

I hope this dose of reality doesn’t make you too miserable about your diet. I hope the truth will help you rather than stop you losing weight. I have done this and I know it is possible for you.


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