Whether To Avoid High Cholesterol Medication Or Not ?

High cholesterol medication are avoided by most of the people when treating elevated levels of cholesterol in the body. On the other hand, there are also many people who opt for a prescription high cholesterol medication to address the problem as soon as possible. The use of medication for cholesterol can be suspended if certain criteria are met by the individual.

High Cholesterol Medication Is Age And Gender Specific

These factors often dictate if the individual should initially try other options before getting prescription high cholesterol medication to treat high cholesterol levels. Men under the age of 35 – 40 years and women of the same age who have not undergone menopause can try lifestyle changes before using high cholesterol medication. Studies have shown that men and women are more prone to high levels of cholesterol at a certain age (below 50 years). This means that lower than that men may not need to take high cholesterol medication but instead opt for exercise and a low cholesterol diet to try and improve cholesterol levels in the body. Women also tend to have lower cholesterol levels if they have not yet undergone menopause while men have lower levels below the age of 35.

Weight And Genes May Decide High Cholesterol Medication

After weighing a person the method of further treatment is decided for him. Obese individuals may need to immediately lower their cholesterol levels which need the intervention of high cholesterol medication to avoid heart attacks and other heart problems.  People who are prone to elevated LDL level due to their family history may also find the need to use high cholesterol medication combined with exercise and diet.

It is also good to know that taking high cholesterol medication should always be accompanied by a low cholesterol diet as well as some form of regular exercise. Whereas some natural forms of cholesterol treatment such as exercise and diet may not need the intervention of high cholesterol medication. The reason why the use of medication to treat high cholesterol is not always recommended is that there are certain side effects which may be undesirable if the statins are used relentlessly and without care. 

Other forms of high cholesterol medication may affect blood thinness and the state of the person’s liver. Since medication almost always have side effects, this fact may be the reason why they are only used when absolutely necessary and not for a prolonged period of time.

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