What Causes Hyperhydrosis And How Can It Be Treated?

Excessive sweating is caused by over-stimulated sweat glands, particularly in specific areas such as the armpits, feet, hands, face, groin and hands. Un-like regular sweating, which controls your body heat, in people with hyperhidrosis, there’s too much sweat, not because of the environment such as exercising, a sauna or a workout but constantly.

If the hyper hidrosis does not occur with other symptoms, and isn’t non-localiased all-over body perspiration, it is considered pirmary hyperhydrosis. If your excessive sweating occurs with additional symptoms and you have non-localised sweating, then it’s called secondary hyperhidrosis and is usually the result of either drug side effects or drug side effects.

No-one knows for sure what causes excessive sweating, but it is known that the sympathetic nervous system is over stimulated which results in excess sweat production from the sweat glands. Sweat glands are controlled by part of the nervous system that is not under our conscious control. It is the same part of out nerve system that controls the movement of our digestive system… it operates without us doing anything to control it. It’s thought that in hyper hidrosis, emotion, anxiety and stress may play a role, but it’s largely speculation and guesswork because the cause is simply not known.

An interesting discovery to the cause of hyper hydrosis is that the problem seems to run in families which implies that certain genes may play a role.

Treatment of hyperhidrosis, assuming it’s the primary type of hyperhidrosis, are various and complicated. They range from simple over the counter deoderants and antiperspirants for low-level hyper hidrosis through to surgical intervention involving severing the nerve to the sweat glands, or removing the sweat glands themselves. Cheap home remedies for hyperhidrosis have been found to help many people, especially when multiple techniques are used together. It may be wise to think about home remedies before expensive surgery or drugs.

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