What are wheelchair ramps

For physically challenged people, restoring their mobility is the most important issue of their life. A physically challenged person will not have to rely upon a caregiver or remain confined to it’s home forever with the help of a manual or a power wheelchair. However,lack of accessibility along with the disability can again raise this issue. Freedom of movement could be adversely affected by a small change in elevation,or a single stair or doorstep. This is where technology has responded firmly in the form of wheelchair ramps and lifts. Generally, you will be able to find a ramp suitable for wheelchair users in most public buildings.

Wheelchair ramps are inclined planes installed in buildings and homes that give access to wheelchairs. Despite what people may think, they meet a lots of customer’s expectations by providing them with lots of options. Wheelchair ramps are essential to overcome steps and elevations in public places and at homes and to  help your wheelchair in-and-out of your van, car, or SUV. You can opt for permanent, semi-permanent, or portable wheelchair ramps.

Normally those places are equipped with permanent ramps where accessibility requirements are more, for example at hospital and public places or the places where accessibility is required for personal use, for example, at homes.

Ramps are bolted or cemented. Many wheelchair ramps come equipped with handrails and non-slippery surfaces so that wheelchair could move in an effortless and secured manner. However, if you need a ramp for only a short time, you can use a semi-permanent ramp which is placed over a cemented or ground surface.

Modular ramps, or portable ramps, are available in the form of suitcase wheelchair ramps, foldable wheelchair ramps, threshold ramps, power chair ramps, or scooter ramps. They support accessibility for vehicles and doorway thresholds. They can be easily carried,folded and stored after being used. You can fold them around the center into a multi layered compact package, they can even be rolled up at hinge.

You can use telescopic ramps for four-wheeled scooters and wheelchairs. You can easily fold telescopic ramps into a compact package, and they are very convenient to carry and store, quite similar to modular ramps. They give more security by the means of a locking system and a non-slippery surface.

Threshold ramps are used domestically to bridge small differences of level between floor levels. You can use threshold wheelchair ramps to conveniently and swiftly  bridge a change in floor level, or a ridge, or to join two floors on the same level.

With the increased state legislation and consumer awareness, many buildings, schools, universities, and other public places have already installed wheelchair ramps in their premises. However, portable ramps are of much help at places, where accessibility is tough, or for personal use at home and vehicles.

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