Vitamin Cream Treatments That Really Work

Vitamin creams are often neglected in many people’s beauty routines. These creams can make a major difference in the way that your skin looks. Clearly, different vitamins will impact different skin issues.

Each day you probably take a general vitamin. The same concept applies to putting on vitamin cream. You apply vitamin creams topically. This means they go on your skin rather than in your mouth. The results of this application are completely different than if you took the vitamins orally.

There are four major vitamins in the topical vitamin world. Pretty much all vitamins will benefit your skin. But these four help deal with major skin care issues.

A vitamin cream generally is intended for direct application to a problem area. Depending on the issue at hand, your cream should have:

• Vitamin A to result in tighter skin. Vitamin A also can help skin retain moisture. It also improves your youthful look. Vitamin A is also called retinol. It could create sun sensitivity. Use care with it.

• Vitamin E to result in less scarring. Vitamin E can be a great help in healing scars and tears. This makes it a great treatment for deep wrinkles. Scars and stretch marks are often treated using vitamin E oil.

• Vitamin K for discoloration. Rosacea can be treated with vitamin K. You can also use vitamin K to treat sun and age spots. However, for some people breakouts results from vitamin K creams. Watch your skin closely to get results that you want.

• Vitamin C if you want anti-aging action. Vitamin C is an internal and external healer. This means that vitamin C can literally heal up wrinkles and tears in your skin. But it can blister sensitive skin. Monitor your skin carefully and use it sparingly.

You can surely get skin care improvement with topically applied vitamins. When you pair them with oral vitamins, you will be amazed at your skin with vitamin creams.

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