Typical Indigestion Pain Causes

Indigestion pain affects many people around the world today and is usually caused by simple causes that can be treated through dietary changes or some over the counter medication.  In some cases, however, there are more serious issues involved that may need the help of a physician to cure or at least soothe the problem.Only a few of cases are there where the indigestion pain is accompanied with chest pain and pain in other areas, these are often symptoms of more serious issues like cancer or gallstones, however it is always right to go to the doctor for a check up if that persist after the counter treatments.

Typical Indigestion Pain Causes

Once cause of indigestion pain is heartburn which is often caused by overeating or by eating a large amount of acidic foods.  It can also be caused by a condition called acid reflux, which is where there is a defective valve in the esophagus that allows the stomach acid to come back up in the throat.  This type of indigestion pain can usually be helped by changing eating habits and by utilizing over the counter antacid medications.

Another cause of indigestion pain is gastritis, which is a condition that also causes pain to the stomach or upper abdomen, but instead of acid coming up the esophagus, gastritis is a condition where the lining of the stomach gets inflamed which is what causes the pain.Many different reasons are there for gastritis, most can be solved by changing your eating or drinking habits, like reducing the intake of alcohol, or reducing the amount of pain relievers that you take in a day which disturbs the stomach lining. 

Indigestion pain can also be caused by a more serious condition called a peptic ulcer, which is a sore in the lining of the stomach, esophagus or the small intestine.  This indigestion pain can vary from the upper chest area down to the lower belly, depending on where the ulcer resides.  This type of ulcer, like gastritis, can be caused by using too many pain relievers which irritate the bowels or can be caused by a certain bacteria.

The most serious reason of indigestion pain are cancer or gallstones.  In both cases, much more serious measures must be taken for the individual instead of changing medication or diet.  With gallstones, there can be serious side effects besides the pain such as nausea and vomiting.  Stomach cancer might also be the issue with the indigestion pain and must be treated as soon as possible, as it is normally a tumor that is developing that causes the pain.  Many times there is blood in the stool when cancer is present.

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