Types Of Chemotherapy

Do you realize how painful it is to watch someone dear to you ravished by the fight with cancer? The perception we have over tumor behavior and chemotherapy approaches influences our way of perceiving this cruel reality. All sorts of remedies and therapeutic approaches have been developed, but in general lines, most of them revolve around types of chemotherapy.

type of chemotherapy

Lots of solutions are possible starting from the treatment diversity, but each and every one has its challenges. Based on a certain protocol that also involves decision making as to when, how long, how often and under what circumstances the treatment should be applied, the doctor will also choose from the potential types of chemotherapy that which is mostly indicated for a particular case.

It’s rather confusing and pointless most of the time to go through all the types of chemotherapy, but there are people who find such a list both informative and useful. It includes antineoplastics, topoisomerase inhibitors, anti-tumor antibiotics, alkylating agents, alkaloid drugs and so on. Each of the categories specified above may include tens of types of medication out of which the doctor makes the selection.

types of chemotherapy for breast

Out of the many types of chemotherapy treatments the doctors determine the suitable one starting from a disease protocol specific to every patient in particular that mentions his/her reaction to the treatment. These response rates are established based on research that has been done so far analyzing the treatments that have been applied and their results. Statistically speaking if the response rate of a group of patients is 70% during the treatment for a certain drug, it means that only seventy subjects have registered positive results under the action of a particular medication.

The rest of 30 may not respond at all to the treatment or may have the minimally expected results which are not satisfactory from a medical point of view. Other types of chemotherapy will be administered immediately if an individual fails to respond to one of them.

types of chemotherapy

All in all, the application and choice of types of chemotherapy are tricky. Doctors should constantly monitor and administer tests to their patients in order to make the most advantageous of decisions at the right time for them. This line of work requires a great deal of responsibility and carries lots of emotional burdens because someone’s life may depend only on the doctor’s decision.

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