Tips To Watch For IBS Syndrome In Your Kids

While IBS is much more common among adults than it is among children, it can still develop in kids of all ages, and so if you are a parent you are going to need to realize how important it is going to be for you to watch for IBS syndrome in your kids. Then you can learn about the tips for irritable bowel syndrome IBS and help to get your child better.

But first thing first, and this means learning how to watch for IBS syndrome, what the different symptoms are that are associated with the condition and when to get the in to see a doctor.

What to Watch for During IBS Syndrome

When it comes to learning how to watch for IBS syndrome, constipation is probably one of the first issues that your child will have if they develop IBS. If your child is still in diapers, while this is rare for babies to get IBS, you are going to want to watch for IBS syndrome then by monitoring how many bowel movements they are making on a weekly basis and if it is less than two they are probably constipated and may have IBS.

Oddly enough, diarrhea is another common symptom of IBS, and another to therefore watch out for. If your child has diarrhea and you have ruled out a cold or flu which would be other likely possibilities, then the chances that they are in fact suffering from IBS are quite high.

When to Get Help

Really, as soon as your child starts exhibiting symptoms that are not going away, which last say over a week, whether you are trying to watch for IBS syndrome or not, you are going to need to get them in to see a doctor. Then not only are you going to want to describe the symptoms that they are experiencing to the doctor but also tell them that you have a feeling it may be IBS, especially if you have done research beforehand on your own time and the other symptoms seem to match up as well.

It is more challenging for a child to deal with IBS syndrome because they are not capable of undergoing the same treatments for which adults can go. Children are more limited to the treatments that are available for treating their condition.

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