Tips on how to order a Thyroid test online

Why you should order a Thyroid test online. A Thyroid test includes TSH, T4, and T3 in the human body. Linked to molecules, T3 and T4 in the blood is synced to protein molecules. The unbound T3 and T4 represents the bodys thyroid levels. Thyroid levels represent active hormone present to act with receptors of cells in ones body.

Below normal are thyroid levels in hypothyroidism. TSH thyroid levels are increased when the pituitary gland produces and releases more TSH than is needed. A Thyroid test determines hyperthyroidism which is a condition of too much blood thyroid hormone and the hypothalamus mandates the pituitary to cease releasing TSH. Patients with abnormal thyroid levels or thyroid function may have normal TSH levels in beginning stages of dysfunctional thyroid. For this reason, a FT4 and FT3 determination must be ran.

T4 is primarily produced in the gland of the thyroid with only small amounts of T3. In the liver, the majority of T3 present in the blood is made by conversion of T4 to T3.

Home Thyroid test kits are becoming more and more popular, especially when ordered over the Internet. Moreover, the accurateness of home Thyroid testing kits are becoming more and more unknown as the Internet sites may not be reputable health sources. For example, a lot home Thyroid test kits are very accurate whereas other home Thyroid test kits are not accurate. We are weary of results obtained from home Thyroid test kits.

Therefore, it it is to purchase an Thyroid test online and have the Thyroid test performed at an actual licensed Laboratory. The process is simple. What you would do to order an Thyroid test online would be click on one of the links above. Then, order the Thyroid test and download the lab test slip. Once downloaded, take the lab form to your nearest Thyroid test facility. Simply choose a lab location that is convenient to you. Once chosen, stop by and have your Thyroid test performed. You will receive your results via a secure online method usually within 24 to 72 hours.

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