Thermage – Breathtaking New Method For Lusher Skin

Today there are several non-surgical cosmetic treatments that can genuinely improve your skin tone, texture and smoothness. For the most part, Thermage is the most exciting. The youthful glow that your skin once had can be returned through the use of Thermage.

To make the best decision about Thermage, you ought to first understand more about the technology behind it. Thermage is a noninvasive, non-surgical technique utilizing CRF technology. CRF is an abbreviation of Capactive Radiofrequency. The Thermage procedure enables the skin’s dermis to be heated while the epidermis is cooled. The skin will gain a fuller appearance due to the collagen relaxing and hardening during the heating of the dermis. For four to six months following the completed procedure, the heating process that is used during Thermage will fuel the growth and development of collagen.

There are some apparent advantages of this process over others in the field like laser therapy. Thermage is a noninvasive procedure that does not require stitches, injections, or incisions. The Thermage process is so straightforward that it requires no healing time. The results are immediate and continue to get better during the months following the procedure.

Thermage works on every skin color and skin tone and can even be used by patients who exhibit skin irritations requiring separate treatments. After the Thermage procedure, you will be able to return to your everyday activities immediately and no one will ever know you have chosen a cosmetic option.

You can expect Thermage treatments to last a mere quarter hour, to an hour and half. After just one session, you will already observe remarkable results. Your skin will appear more taut and smoother. As an added benefit, because Thermage is geared towards prolonged development of skin, you can expect the results to refine as the months pass. As for recovery, patients who come in for Thermage can walk out of the doctor’s office and continue their daily activities right away.

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