The Myth Of Male Menopause Treatment

Male menopause is a problem that is a lot more everyday in men now and although the term is becoming tossed about more frequently is it possible for men to get menopause, and if so, is it worth worrying about? By its definition men really cannot have menopause because a woman’s menstruation ends with menopause which means that it’s not feasible for men. Nevertheless, they can have what is called andropause.

Female menopause is caused when the hormone levels drop off but for men, low testosterone isn’t to blame. Men’s symptoms will be similar to women’s since their sex drive changes but they lose muscle mass and become irate Doctors don’t think that it has anything to do with hormone levels.  Actually, most doctors think that it’s more of a mental condition.

What kind of psychological condition would trigger male menopause – there are a lot of things which might start it.  Realizing that you’re not young anymore has a lot to do with it ,looking in the mirror and seeing wrinkle upon wrinkle doesn’t help either. Most men have already gone the maximum amount they can as far as work goes and their kids have probably grown up. Once their children leave the house, they are not sure about their role ,some people will call this a mid-life crisis instead of male menopause. But, however you refer call it,refer to it as it’s still a problem for middle aged men.

With so many problems to overcome, is there some sort of treatment that is available? Would a testosterone replacement procedure really help? Since the condition isn’t really caused by hormone problems, so there is no proof that it works, but in certain cases, men have reported that hormone it actually helped. But whether this could be another psychological effect or if it actually worked is unknown and since the cause is still unknown, the truth behind those treatments is anyone’s guess.

Regardless of the cause, treatment, or anything else relating to should not be treated as a myth because many men will tell you that it is real and that a lot of men experience throughout the world. Grouped with things like prostate cancer and erectile dysfunction, male menopause is a common issue for men.  While it’s not serious as the aforementioned it is still important, nevertheless. While it is a problem, almost all men can take it as the problem is in the mind, being in the right attitude will help a lot.a person’s attitude will help a lot.  If someone you know is going through a midlife crisis, try to understand them and help them that they are not alone.

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