The Cookie Diet

With Celebrities like Jennifer Hudson, Kelly Clarkson and Mandy Moore praising the results of Dr Siegel’s cookie diet, the diet has become an overnight sensation. But the catechism is does the cookie diet advice you advance a advantageous weight and is it safe?
What is Dr’s Siegal’s Cookie Diet?

The official weight loss cookie diet web site states that the diet was created in 1975. The diet was created by Dr Sanford Siegal to advice bodies ascendancy their ache and stick to their diets. The web armpit claims that “to this day, Dr Siegal mixes every accumulation of his abstruse amino acerbic protein alloy with his own easily in his clandestine bakery”.

The diet recommends that a being eat six appropriate accolade (which advice ascendancy hunger) during the day. Then a being is to eat a reasonable banquet in the evening. This allows the a person to consume only around 1,000 calories a day. The web armpit does acclaim blockage with your doctor above-mentioned to afterward the diet to analysis to see if it is safe for you follow. The diet claims that by following this plan a person can lose an average of ten pounds per month.
Is the Cookie Diet Healthy?

The weight loss cookie diet’s web site does provide many testimonials of people who have lost weight on the diet. But it does not accommodate any abundant affirmation the diet is safe or promotes continued appellation weight maintenance. Currently no clinical research has been done to test the effectiveness or safety of the diet.

One concerning aspect of the diet is that it does not teach healthy eating habits. By going on this diet a person does not learn to choose healthy, low fat, low calorie foods. The diet simply just cuts calories. Because of this, a person must eat the cookies for the rest of their lives if they want to keep the weight loss.

Following a low calorie diet for a continued aeon of time puts a being at accident for a comestible deficiency. Because Dr Siegal does not publish the ingredients in his cookies, it is impossible to know if they have any nutritional value. Eating only one meal a day does not provide the necessary vitamins, minerals and protein needed to maintain a healthy body.

The cookie diet by Dr. Siegal has all the acquaint account signs of a fad diet. The diet does not have research to back it up. It is a quick fix that does not teach healthy eating habits and it does not guarantee weight maintenance.

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