The Child Flabbiness Epidemic Must Be Attended To Urgently All Over The Planet

Lately the worldwide problem of child obesity is more and more prominent in all the news media. If a child is obese it can lead to serious health issues for the child like diabetes, hyperlipidemia, heart health issues, lack of sufficient bone density, sleep disorders and problems, psychological symptoms and gastro-intestinal problems. Such disorders can be expected to continue into adulthood. Recent studies have shown that if a child is obese it is extremely likely that adult obesity will follow.

Despite all the above, it is possible for parents to make a positive impact on the lifestyle of their offspring and give them the guidance that will ensure a happy and healthy adulthood.

What role can parents play to have a positive impact on obesity amongst children? Parents must address the causes of childhood obesity. Parents must give their children a lot of attention and help them to feel wanted. If your child is neglected by you there is an increased possibility of obesity compared to other children. Be sure not to force your kids to eat more than they feel like at mealtime, all you will achieve is to train your child’s metabolic system to make your child eat more than he or she needs.

The amount of food eaten is not what is most important. It is much more important that the child must eat healthy food and then also get sufficient exercise to burn of the calories. Your kid will acquire abnormal eating behaviours if you are going to be constantly fussing about food intake.

Your child should not spend so much time in front of the telly. You will find that his or her weight is almost directly proportional to the time sitting motionless in front of the tv,TV obviously reduces physical activity, it then consequently also reduces the metabolism of the body. The junk food commercials on television also affects children, they are encouraged to eat more junk food and drink beverages with high levels of sugar leading to increased weight problems for the kid.

If you are thinking that your child weighs more than his or her ideal weight and that there is a risk of obesity, consult with a physician as soon as you can, to ensure that obesity is halted quickly and effectively. It is a myth that mothers to be have to eat for two people, too much food while you are pregnant just dramatically increases the possibility that both you and your unborn child will in future become obese. The young infant must be breastfeeded for at least one year. While the child is still very small, a greater emphasis should be on fruits, and vegetables and grains while all the time monitoring to see if the youngster is really hungry before feeding it.

If the risk that your child will become obese is high, try using low fat milk instead of the richer variety. Sugar and fat containing snacks must be avoided, because they are very high in calories. For kids that are still of school going age, put in place steadfast rules as to how much they are allowed to watch television, snacks must be nutritious, treats can be allowed occasionally and generally good food habits must be encouraged.

The child obesity problem does not remain static, it increases with each year that passes and, since the early eighties, there has been an alarming increase. The child obesity epidemic poses a great risk to our children’s children, and it must now be halted in its tracks all over the developed world.

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