Symptoms and Signs of Bipolar Disorder

Having bipolar can be quite serious and at the same time, scary. Your mind begins to race when you have bipolar symptoms. However, with a combination of both drug therapy and psychotherapy, treating bipolar has become easier. There have been major breakthroughs in this area.

Bipolar Disorder Symptoms?

Bipolar disease or disorder is characterized by the incidence of “manic” highs, followed by depressive lows. Usually, there is also a period of normality in between these two phases.


You may experience extremely high energy where you feel as if your brain and body were suddenly put on high speed. Here, your thoughts and movements would be very quick. Though this may feel pleasant, it can also be quite dangerous and damaging. One of the worst things about being in a manic state is that you can do very compulsive things to family and friends without even thinking about it first. For instance, spending money that you don’t have simply because you want something, taking drugs and even engaging in behavior such as promiscuous sex and so forth.


The other side to the manic phase is the depression state. This is where the sufferer of bipolar hits a low point. There will be low self-esteem, excessive feelings of depression, fatigue and the inability to feel any of the pleasures of life. In this low phase, you may also feel guilty for your actions in the manic state. This further increases the symptoms of depression.

Bipolar Disorder Types

There are different levels or types of bipolar. There are some who go through the phases of mania and depression very quickly while others go through it pretty slowly. The ones who go through the phases fast are constantly going up and down. From personal relationships to work life, these severe mood swings can impact life in a negative way.

Noticing Warning Signs

Do you know someone who is suddenly having trouble sleeping? For no apparent reason, the also have a lot of excess energy? Be careful because this may be the start of the manic phase. Its important that you go straight away to the doctors to get a diagnosis. Failing to do so would make give you more troubles in the long run. It is better to treat bipolar in the early stages because without doing so, it can cause symptoms to get worse and even the high probability of psychosis.

Get Treatment Early

Its of great importance that you take care of the problem before it gets any worse. This is because the depressive phase can be bad for the sufferer while the manic state can have effects on people around the person with bipolar.

Bipolar causes distinct mood swings that have great effects on interpersonal relationships. The mania associated with this disorder causes irresponsible behavior that has lasting consequences. A good example is hyper-sexual acting which can cause irreparable damage to marriages.

Get Help – Don’t Be Afraid

Finally, don’t be afraid to get help if you think you or someone else may be suffering from bipolar disorder. It’s true that there is still a stigma attached to bipolar disorder and other similar diseases, but ignoring it is not going to make it go away or get better. Get help for yourself or your loved one as soon as you see that there is a problem. Not only will you feel better, but you’ll prevent lasting problems and consequences that can come from untreated bipolar disorder, too.

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