Sweaty Hands and Feet: Effective Treatments

Finding a treatment for sweaty hands and feet that is effective can take some time. The reason is that medication is the only real treatment, and many people suffer from unwanted side affects with a lot of what is available. It will take some time to test and see which treatment is suitable and effective to help with sweaty hands and feet.

Learn About the Condition

With sweaty hands and feet it is always important to learn more about the condition first, before pursuing a particular treatment. Finding out more will give you enough knowledge to know why you might be suffering from, for example, excessively sweaty hands or profuse sweating on you feet. After you have some idea as to why you are suffering you can learn more about what treatments are around. This must be the most effective process to fighting the problem of sweaty hands and feet, and hopefully return to a happy normal life.

Sweaty hands is also formally known as palmar hyperhidrosis, a condition of excessive sweating on the palm of hands. The condition affects a person negatively and can leave them feeling uncomfortable, and cause detriment to their self esteem and self confidence. It is very common to suffer from both sweaty hands and feet. The condition on the feet is very similar to that of the hands.

Treating Sweaty Hands

Unfortunately there is no cure for this excessively sweaty hands and feet. However quite a few treatments are available. The benefits of these treatments are very good, and most of them are very effective. For a mild case of sweaty hands and feet a simple oral medication such as Drysol can virtually rid you of the condition. You could also try rubbing some baby powder on the palms of the hands and feet, this can work very well. Both take hardly any time at all.

Excessively sweaty hand and feet will probably not be effectively treated by such simple medication. You should still try them as they may provide some very short term benefit, or help with other treatments. You may get through a few treatments to find out what works best, and what side affects there are if any. You can see why this might take some time, but eventually you’ll find a treatment that works well for you.

The benefits of finding a treatment that works for you outweigh the cons greatly, so please keep this in mind when you feel like giving up or not even starting. Afterall if you don’t go about treating sweaty hands and feet you will continue to suffer from it. If you are benefitting from the treatment, and you find that sweaty hands and feet are no longer such a problem then that is a great thing, also the whole point of your hard graft, allowing you to do activities you might not have done before.

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