Suffering from heavy snoring? Sleep position could be be the cause


When considering a good snoring sleep position, keep in mind that there are positions you can sleep in that help you stop snoring and those that actually encourage even more snoring! While we can’t always help the way our bodies toss and turn at night during sleep, there are some things you can do when it comes to your bed and pillows that will encourage less snoring. Sleep position can have a very big impact if you are trying to drastically reduce snoring.

People are supposed to breathe through their nose at all times; the nose has natural filters that treat this air we take in. Breathing through the mouth is unnatural and during sleep, it makes one snore. A good stop snoring position will basically involve you keeping your mouth closed while asleep. We snore when the air going over the back of the throat and mouth causes the tissue back there to vibrate excessively, making the noise we call snoring. Sleeping on your side is a good snoring sleep position as the mouth is less likely to drop open. If you don’t sleep on your side naturally you might want to consider a body pillow that you can either clutch to your front or can prop up behind you to keep you on your side. Some people recommend putting a tennis ball or other object in the back of your pajamas to force you into a snoring sleep position but this is usually very uncomfortable and wakes you up during the night, which defeats the purpose of avoiding snoring! Pillows are much more comfortable and usually just as effective.

You can also purchase an actual snore pillow to keep you in a good snoring sleep position. These pillows are made of firm foam and have a scoop shape in the sides which cushion and cradle your head and neck. They keep your head from falling back and your mouth from falling open even when you’re sleeping on your back. These pillows usually offer quite a bit of relief for most when it comes to snoring and are well worth the few dollars they cost. After all, you can’t always force yourself into a snoring sleep position when you’re asleep, so getting a nice pillow or bunch of pillows and propping yourself up can be the way to go.

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