Stress Relief Techniques – Which Should You Choose?

Stress is one of the principal problems that all of us deal with today. We all suffer from stress, both the bad and good kinds and the stress we undergo has a heavy effect on our emotions, minds and bodies.

If you are feeling anxious, depleted by low energy or just having a miserable day, the answer is to put your feet up and take it easy. Stress can be a contributing factor of strokes, heart disease and high blood pressure. Another reason why we ought to relax is because stress produces hormones that can suppress the immune system. Relaxation provides the immune system time to recover and it can then function more effectively.

Watching television might be the way some relax, but it is not a method recommended by professionals. When we watch TV we are inundated with advertisements, violence, images. Consequently how do we achieve relaxation?

Studies on the Effects of Stress

In current studies,  specialists have found that heart disease is associated with bad temper and irritability is associated with all kinds of mental stress. A surfeit of stress can bring about decreased blood flow to the heart that may bring about a heart attack. Relaxation takes on added importance in light of these research findings. Taking control of your anger and way of behaving is important to your heart’s health, and relaxation can aid you in managing stress.

Relaxation Methods

Transcendental Meditation

One technique of relaxation is transcendental meditation. Latest research has shown that this method might decrease artery blockage, which is a foremost cause of stroke and heart attacks. People practice transcendental meditation by repeating soothing sounds while meditating, so as to achieve complete relaxation. Studies established that people who used transcendental meditation can appreciably shrink their arterial wall thickness compared with persons who don’t practice this relaxation method.


A further study on acupuncture, appears to indicate that a reduction in high blood pressure can be achieved by initiating several chemical changes in the brain, which brings about the production of the hormones called endorphins. These chemicals also help to decrease muscle tension, make us feel calmer, relieve pain, and lower nervousness.


Yoga is a brilliant stress relief technique that can help to achieve relaxation and might have similar effects to acupuncture. In one study, participants endured ten minutes of mental stress. Next they were asked to carry out a number of relaxation procedures such as listening to classical music or sounds of nature or to do some Yoga exercises. Only the individuals who used Yoga significantly reduced the time it took for their blood pressures to return to normal.


Another straightforward technique to attain relaxation is to work out. The stress relief exercise which is ideal for you will depend on several factors which includes level of fitness, how old you are and likes and dislikes. Aerobics, swimming and running are some exercises that can be very good to assist you to lessen stress. Vigorous exercise also releases those endorphins that we mentioned above, in addition to other neurotransmitters which are known to enhance your mood and also help you to feel relaxed. If you feel tense, half an hour of working out will often settle things down.

Have a Massage

One fantastic way of relaxing is to have a massage. To achieve thorough relaxation, you must wholly yield to the treatment and touch of a proficient therapist. There are several types of massages that provide different levels of relaxation.

The techniques noted here are just some of the methods by which you may achieve relaxation.  Relaxation is beneficial for everyone so select a technique that you feel happy with and put into practice it consistently. It will not only reduce your nervous tension but will benefit your overall physical condition and even help you to sleep better.

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