Spas benefit in the Valentines season

The recession has bought around some pretty gloomy financial forecasts for many businesses up and down the country however there may be one ray of light that is helping people through this difficult time. Valentine’s Day has caused a much needed boost on the high street and spas, florists and card shops are reaping the rewards. Loved ones are going there and buying their partners all sorts of romantic gifts from spa gift vouchers to a massive bunch of flowers. The national retail section of the UK forecast that people will spend anything from £5 to £100 on a Valentine’s Day gift per person which is really starting to put dollar signs in business owner’s eyes.
It is about time that the country had a bit of luck in respect to people flocking back onto the streets. From a financial point of view shops are in desperate need of people loosening their purse strings a little and going out and spending. Cupid must not have heard about the recession, orders are still pouring into local florists from around the country. People want a dozen roses or a bunch of red tulips for their loved one and demand is extremely high!  For one small shop in Shropshire, they have already ordered 3,000 roses to cater for people’s orders and they are about to order another 3,000 to cope with the work load.
Finally, a bit of good news in the retail sector! Considering that a lot of people wait until the last minute to give a gift a lot of the retail sector will still be expecting sales right up until the day itself – knowing most men out there!
Most business from around the country is waiting until the 14th when they believe most men will be making their orders. Personally, I think Valentine’s Day is a little bit over rated. After all, it is just an American invention but we all seem to follow it religiously every year without fail.

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