Some Of The Essential Ingredients For A Cholesterol Reducing Diet

In order to maintain proper cardiovascular health you will have to follow a cholesterol reducing diet. This in turn means consuming items such as green tea and cayenne as well as niacin – all of which are believed to be very effective in ensuring better health and lower cholesterol levels. In addition, a good cholesterol reducing diet should also include taking of supplements that contain selenium and guggulesterones that too help in lowering cholesterol levels.

Don’t Risk Heart Diseases Start On Cholesterol Reducing Diet

A person that ignores their high cholesterol condition will risk suffering from heart diseases and it also means that they will become more liable to developing blood clots as well as strokes. To ensure that cholesterol levels are brought down to more manageable levels a good cholesterol reducing diet becomes an essential requisite and there are in fact a few ingredients that should be included in such a diet that will help you remain healthy and also enjoy better cholesterol levels.

Green tea is of course a wonderful option and because of its epigallocatechin gallate or EGCG it helps in absorption of saturated fat and in the process lowers cholesterol levels. Guggulesterones are an essential component of a good cholesterol reducing diet as these not only help with atherosclerosis but also in reducing cholesterol levels.

Cayenne is essential ingredient that should definitely be included in a cholesterol reducing diet as it helps in stimulating blood circulation and also prevents the blood from thickening and this of course is essential to keeping the arteries from thickening. Artichoke leaf extracts too must be incorporated in a cholesterol reducing diet as it can improve your cardiovascular system and it also effectively lowers cholesterol levels and furthermore, artichoke leaf extracts are also a wonderful antioxidant as well and an aid to better blood circulation.

Policosanol is a compound that is normally found in sugar cane as well as in rice and it has been known to help improve your cholesterol numbers – in fact, as well as any statin prescription drug is able to do.

Turmeric is used in most Indian as well as in Asian dishes and it is powerful and can reduce risk from heart attacks and is antioxidant as well. Besides Coenzyme Q10 other ingredients that are necessary for a cholesterol reducing diet is red yeast rice, Niacin and selenium.

A low cholesterol diet menu can prove to be especially beneficial in reducing risk of diseases that generally plague those who cannot keep their cholesterol levels under control. Too much consumption of saturated fat is one of the main reasons why cholesterol levels rise and along with insufficient exercise, smoking and alcohol consumption they contribute to unhealthy and high bad cholesterol levels.

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