Smart Lipo Treatment: Quicker, Safer & Just as Effective

The human body inherently accumulates fat for those times of sacrifice when food is just not attainable. This is an entrenched body activity and one we are endlessly trying to beat in today’s world of thinner and thinnest. With the debut of liposuction, people had the capability to get rid of the excess fat through a short surgical session and attain the slim body they dreamed of. But traditional liposuction is a painful process that requires a long recuperation period, brings about bruising and leads to potentially dangerous side effects.

The advent of SmartLipo transformed the entire cosmetic surgery realm. Smart Lipo is a fat-eliminating procedure that is laser guided and does not utilize mechanical suction. The doctor makes a miniscule incision in the part of the body where the fat will be removed. The laser is guided through the cut and literally liquefies the fat. The body then absorbs the liquid fat and eliminates it as it would any other fat. It’s a new technology similar to the one used in pearly penile papules treatment.

The reason Smart Lipo is progressively chosen over normal liposuction is due to its various strong points. Conventional liposuction oftentimes leaves the skin sagging while Smart Lipo melts the connective tissue which then solidifies tighter than before. TraditionalConventional liposuction involves the patient resting and recuperating for weeks at a time, but with Smart Lipo the individual can return to normal activity within a matter of hours.

As described at the Thermage site, SmartLipo commonly takes roughly 45 minutes per session.  Although with conventional liposuction a larger area can be covered during one treatment the cost is much greater and the probability of side effects far greater. There have been innumerable liposuction cases where the operated area appeared lumpy and malformed after the operation. The patients would then have to go back in for more corrective procedures. With Smart Lipo, the end results are nearly always smooth with the skin looking firmer and more taut.

The brief duration of the SmartLipo sessions may call for periodic appointments, but the overall result is more appealing and less hazardous to achieve than with ordinary liposuction.

Everyone has a problem area or two that carries undesirable fat despite all efforts to remove it. Rather than getting surgery for an invasive treatment, think about Smart Lipo. It is a more natural and less risky treatment that offers fast results and a speedy recovery.

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