Simple Steps For Cleaning Mold

Getting rid of mold in your home can seem like a monumental task. What should you use? Is there anything that can’t be done by you? What should you do with things that are badly affected by mold? Mold removal is pretty simple; you just need the right tools to go about it.

Understanding what causes mold is also useful so that you can prevent further mold attacks in the future. Keeping your house mold free and avoiding anymore black mold removal in the future may require you to buy equipment to keep the air in your home clean.

Looking For Mold

Looking for mold may not seem like something you want to do in your spare time but it is necessary for successful mold removal. Knowing where to look for mold will help you to get rid of all molds in your home. Anything made from organic materials is a breeding ground for mold.

So paper, wood, dirt and soap scum must be checked for mold. These are all materials that we have around the house that can cause a mold problem. Look in areas that have been affected by leaks, water stains can often point you towards mold growth. These are all areas you want to look at when you are about to start mold removal.

The Removal Process

The removal process is fairly simple, start by dampening the area you wish to start mold removal on. This will stop the mold spores from flying away and continuing to affect your home. Scrub the mold with a detergent or soap that does not have ammonia in it. Don’t be tempted to mix bleach with ammonia, this actually produces toxic fumes that can be fatal. Plain vinegar is also a good thing in order to remove the mold.

Once you have scrubbed down a surface that has been affected by mold you need to disinfect the area. Bleach is necessary for this, mix the bleach with water when disinfecting. You should use about a quarter or half a cup of bleach into one gallon of water while disinfecting an area. The last step is to rinse the surface with clean water and quickly dry it.

Once you have completed mold removal you need to eliminate anything that causes moisture and dampness in your home. Investing in a good air filter or humidifier is also a good idea to reduce mold spores in your home. This will not solve the problem if the source of moisture is still in the house.

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