Our Best and Worst Acne Product Reviews

You must be vigilant when looking at acne product reviews. After all, the wrong medication could send your breakouts out of control. Evaluate every aspect of a review before you act. Knowing the type of acne the medication is intended for is very important. But most important is knowing if the treatment you choose is a preventative or only heals existing breakouts. You will also have to determine whether you can deal with the side effects.

Our list of acne reviews was compiled with this information in mind. Some of the products are really good. Some users literally think they are miraculous. Others are just plain stinkers. Check the acne product reviews below so you can see if your medication made our list.


Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash:
This product is great for any budget. It can also be used with almost any type of acne. Oil is removed with the wash. Use the wash two times a day. It may leave your skin a small bit dry. Oil-free moisturizer will correct this. Within a week users noticed improvement. This continued over time. However, totally clear skin is not always achievable for everyone by just using the wash. There will be a noticeable difference if you have very bad acne. You will be able to clear up mild to moderate acne with the wash.

This product was put in our stars acne product reviews because it works so good, when it works. Many swear by Proactive – and we aren’t talking about all the stars in the commercials. However, Proactiv does get very mixed reviews. You can treat mild to moderate acne easily with this product. But bad acne might not respond so well. Proactiv destroys bacteria that is in your pores and causes acne. This is pretty effective and relatively fast as long as there are not too many bacteria to handle. Severe acne is no match to this product. Your skin may be clear but you still have to use this product or the bacteria will come back.


Clear and Continuous Control Acne Cleanser:
The facial cleanser is wonderful. I love how it feels cool and tingly when you wash your face. However, its not very good for acne. Although it felt great, it had few effects on my skin. But users who get regular breakouts (not acne) did have good luck with this one. Its on our “stinkers” list because it hasn’t really lived up to the “acne cleanser” part in its name.

Murad Acne Treatments:
Murad is a fantastic cosmetics and beauty product company. Nevertheless, they shouldn’t have gotten into acne products. Most people who have used Murad’s acne treatment have experienced more breakouts. There is a money-back guarantee, but just imagine what kind of image issues you will have to deal with while waiting on your refund. If you want to try this product, just use it carefully.

Of course these are just a few acne treatments. They are the ones that seemed to really stand out. It is always wise to check acne product reviews before buying.

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